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The Learning and Performance Institute Capability Map

After listening to a The Good Practice Podcast on What Makes a good Learning Leader, a discussion was had on the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI) Capability Map.  The tool aims to provide a global view of the skills needed to deliver modern workplace learning and development. As a Learning and Development professional, I’d recommend anyone working in the L&D industry to take a look. It’s free for individual usage.  Click on the link below to access to the Capability Map at LPI. The LPI Capability Map

Adding 360 AR to Storyline 360

My new role has allowed me to venture past Captivate and enter the world of Articulate 360 and in particular, Storyline. I’m enjoying the change and have to say, Storyline is miles ahead of Captivate. I wanted to demonstrate (as well as figure out) how 360 AR can be added to Storyline, and turns out it’s fairly simple.  Using the project I created using Marzipano here as the basis for 360, it’s as simple as inserting a new Web Object. From the Browse button navigate to the folder of the files downloaded from the Marzipano online tool OR enter the address of the Marzipano files that you may have on a server somewhere. View the Storyline course below or click to view in a new tab