My life journey has taken me around a many corners, but it has led me to a career that I now thoroughly enjoy.

 Having served in the Royal Australian Navy for 10 years as an Electronics Technician, I was introduced to this new thing called ‘The Internet’ in 1996. Curiosity got the better of me an I desperately wanted to learn more about this new thing. The natural progression was into the world of Information Technology.

After many years in web development, I wanted to give back, so ventured into Teaching. Whilst teaching adult students for several years, I started to see there was a difference in how they learnt and how the teachers around me were facilitating. An opening at the college I worked at became available – and I was now in the eLearning world.

Since then I have developed a passion for technology based learning and especially in the adult learning world. I’ve also completed a Post Graduate Vocational Certificate in Digital Education and written a book called The Seven Year Education Itch covering what I've discovered about adult learning with technology. I've also compiled some of my articles into an eBook called Discovering Educational Technology for Adult Learners which can be downloaded from here.

Adult Learning ebooks

Below are links to the eBooks i’ve had published. You can download them for free from the direct download or use the Google search link for each ebook where you may find the format for your device.

Just a word of caution, I used Amazon as a launch pad for the ebooks and search engine optimisation. However, they don’t allow you to mark your books as FREE, so best to download from somewhere else 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to review my work, please leave a comment if you found them useful.

Discovering Educational Technology for Adult Learners

Delving more into the technological advances of education and it’s delivery online, I discover so many cool things that should be shared. This eBook is a compilation of the stories and articles I’ve written that are worth sharing.

ISBN: 9781370273836

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The Seven Year Education Itch – Adult Learning in Vocational Training

Education with technology is constantly changing, and adult learners can be left behind as more and more eLearning teaching methods are adopted. This book covers some of the experiences I’ve faced and some sound advice on how to manage adult learners that struggle with technology in their learning.

ISBN: 9781370951222

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