Using H5P with YouTube 360 Video

H5PH5P was all the buzz on the recent Moodle Moot 2016 in Perth, Western Australia. I got to talking to a lot of people about what it can do, and one guy, Vernon Spain (LinkedIn) and I talked about using it in 360 Video. I said I’d give it a go, and this is what I came up with in a very short space of time (pun intended 🙂 ).


[UPDATE] There appears to be some issues with the video rendering on mobile devices. I’ll keep researching and let you know if I find anything. Any videos below are just me testing 🙂

[UPDATE] Seems like it’s a common issue as seen on forum.

[UPDATE 11/10/2016] A new release has been launched with some pretty cool features. Check them out at . After some testing the videos load much faster in iOS, however 360 support is still not supported by Safari or the WebKit for iOS.

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