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Moodle, the LRS? Getting Started With xAPI Learning Record Stores

Learning Record Stores (LRS) are the heart of the tracking process of learning using the xAPI standard. xAPI allows systems, including Moodle and compatible LMS, to develop guidance for learning content. Unlike SCORM, the de facto EdTech standard, it covers both content and performance, making it possible to compare learning outcomes.   Read more Moodle, […]

H5P xAPI Statement Quick Reference Guide

I’d searched everywhere for a quick reference guide to the xAPI statements that are passed for each library. Having not been able to locate one, below is a collated list of the xAPI statements for the H5P Libraries that support xAPI. Click on the headings or the statements links to see more details at H5P website. […]

Discovering the H5P Interactive Video Library

As I discover more about the features of H5P, I’d like to share some of the things I’m finding. One of the first little trip up’s I discovered was in the Interactive Video Library. When I simply uploaded a link to Vimeo I found that it didn’t work across multiple browsers. This is where I […]