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The Benefits Of Using Blended Learning To Improve Learner Engagement

Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock.com Original Article : The Benefits Of Using Blended Learning To Improve Learner Engagement – eLearning Industry Blended learning offers the flexibility of online learning, with the personalization and real-world application of in-person training. It helps improve engagement with your target audience, increase retention, as well as reduce churn, increase revenue, and contribute to the growth of your company. Discussing The Benefits Of Using Blended Learning When appropriately implemented, blended learning can be the key to better-skilled employees, happier customers, and more productive channel partners. What Is Blended Learning In The Workplace? Blended learning in business is learner-centric and informal, with a focus on training skills. The learning is conducted using traditional face-to-face methods, as well as online training courses to provide learners with a deep understanding of the material. Business or training managers oversee the training similar to how a professor would manage the studies and course materials in an academic setting. They are there to fill in the content gaps and supplement the training. Benefits Of Blended Learning For The Learner There are many benefits of blended learning. Learners have the flexibility of being able to access training materials on their own time and schedule, regardless of geographical location and time zone. This is a significant advantage, especially for companies with a global workforce. The online side enables learners to learn at their own pace to truly engage in the course activities, absorb the material, and apply the skills and knowledge acquired when working in their role. While the in-person side of the […]

LMS Implementation Obstacles To Avoid

Original Article: 8 Top LMS Implementation Obstacles To Avoid – eLearning Industry by Kim Morrison LMS Implementation Obstacles You Should Be Ready To Overcome Researching the perfect LMS for your company is a very important part of the LMS buying process, but there is another equally important stage that really comes into play once you have purchased your LMS, and that’s implementation. Buying a software system that seems a good fit for your training business is only half the battle. If you don’t have a successful implementation period for your new software you could end up wasting a lot of time and money, and still not having new software that does the job it was intended for! We’ve picked 8 of the top obstacles you may come across when it comes to implementation, and what you can do to avoid them! 1. Ask About Implementation During The Buying Stage You need to start thinking about the implementation process before you even commit to buying your LMS in the first place, and it should be a vital part of the decision-making process. If you’re bringing a complicated new piece of software into your business, it’s important to know how much support you’re going to get from the software company, and what sort of implementation package they offer. If this is the first time your company is going to be using an LMS, then you may need a higher level of support compared to other companies who have used eLearning previously. It’s all about finding the perfect […]

LMS User Experience: Does It Really Matter?

Original Article: LMS User Experience: Does It Really Matter? – eLearning Industry Why LMS User Experience Matters For Both Front And Back-End Users Many organizations thinking about onboarding a new LMS have clearly defined expectations. This usually includes support services, reporting capabilities, and pricing structure. However, many overlook one of the most crucial aspects of owning a Learning Management System: the User Experience. A consistent and engaging UX lays the foundation for all other features and functions the tool provides. It covers everything from the platform’s navigation fidelity to its interface design. But why does LMS User Experience really matter for LMS users on both the front and back end? First Things First…What’s Involved In The LMS User Experience? The term “User Experience” refers to how your users engage with the Learning Management System. Every aspect of the LMS factors into the UX equation, from the intuitiveness of the UI to its ability to scale and adapt to your changing online training needs. An LMS that offers the complete package delivers a top-notch LMS User Experience that enables virtually anyone to utilize the tool with ease. There aren’t any navigation roadblocks or accessibility issues standing in the way. 1. Why LMS User Experience Matters For Your eLearning Team Your eLearning team relies on the LMS to develop, deploy, and monitor online training initiatives. They must be able to quickly upload online training content to ensure that users get all the information they require to bridge gaps, as well as modify existing online training materials to […]