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Bits and pieces I find or think of to cover eLearning with Adult Education using technology

Adapting the SAMR model for Adult Learners Example

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When adapting the SAMR model to Adult learning and the creation of learning tools, you need to be aware of the technological challenges that adult learners may face. Have a look at the Digital bLefs page for some of the challenges you may face.

I could say that most VET providers are running in the Enhancement side of the SAMR model. Perhaps students are simply downloading PDF’s of the content with some embedded links. Perhaps a simple Powerpoint with a voice over of the lecturer (I know I experienced this with a unnamed University!).

How can this be taken further?

Lets start by looking at a unit for a course and then looking at the evidence guide, you need to ascertain if there is a tool that can be used as evidence. You need to think of ‘how‘ the evidence can be stored as per ASQA requirements. This is critical as some methods of summative assessments you want to use may not be able to be downloaded for offsite storage as evidence. You could then look at using the tool as a formative assessment.

Lets look at an example unit. I have chosen BSBADM502 Manage Meetings for this example and in particular, Performance Criteria 2:

2 Conduct meetings

2.1 Chair meetings in accordance with organisational requirements, agreed conventions for type of meeting and legal and ethical requirements

2.2 Conduct meetings to ensure they are focused, time efficient and achieve the required outcomes

2.3 Ensure meeting facilitation enables participation, discussion, problem-solving and resolution of issues

2.4 Brief minute-taker on method for recording meeting notes in accordance with organisational requirements and conventions for type of meeting