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Adding Social Media Buttons to a Marzipano Tour

Found this great article on adding some social sharing icons to your Marzipano 360 virtual tour project. If you are using the Marzipano Tool to create Virtual Tours this tutorial will take you step by step through the process of adding in 4 of the most common “Share” buttons. Email, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Read more at Adding Social Media Buttons to a Marzipano Tour

How to use 360 images with Marzipano and Insta360

Recently I wrote about Insta 360 Nano with Marzipano – a great combination. In this article I’ll talk about HOW this was achieved. I used the Insta360 Nano camera for my still images. This is a great little piece of kit and I’ve been using it for the past few months. The Insta360 also comes with free software so that you can do some simple editing and exporting of the still and video files. All of the software and hardware details can be found at http://www.insta360.com/. You will also need to access the Marzzipano site at http://www.marzipano.net/ and click on the Marzipano Tool. This is where we will build and export our 360 tour. First thing I had to do was convert the insp image files from the camera to standard JPGs as Marzipano does not support the file type. I used the software provided by Insta360 called Insta360Studio. Simply add your images to the list and export on the right.   With the images now as JPGs, they’ll look a bit odd. This is ok as Marzipano will recognise them. Navigate to http://www.marzipano.net/ and click on the top right button titled Marzipano Tool (or go straight to http://www.marzipano.net/tool/index.html). This is a web based tool that will easily help you create your 360 tours. When it first opens, simply drag and drop your files into the open window Your files will automatically upload and be presented to you in the order uploaded. To add a Hotspot, simply select the image you want to use and click on Info Hotspot at the bottom. Enter […]

Insta 360 Nano with Marzipano – a great combination

As you know, I’ve been mucking around with some 360 imagery and video. One of the things I was looking at was the ability to tour or move around static and moving images with hotspots. I found this with Marzipano which I initially wrote about here. I’ve done some more playing and also fixed the issues I was having with hotspots working in iOS. The possibilities of what this combination can do, especially in the eLearning world is brilliant! Below are a few rooms that we discovered on our recent trip the MONA museum in Hobart, Tasmania.